Valerie Rae Bradshaw

Valerie Rae Bradshaw left this earth life on June 20, 2013 in a boating accident, leaving behind a legacy of love and service. As part of her service she served a full-time mission for the LDS church in Milan, Italy. She had a great love for Christ and she wanted to share that love with others. In Italy she met many wonderful people who were quick to become her friend. They all said that it was her smile that would draw you in and make you know that you were her friend. She was so open and accepting of all people no matter their station in life. Her service wasn’t just on her mission, but if she ever heard of a need she was ready to volunteer for whatever had to be done. It could be as simple as taking a friend a treat or spending an afternoon reading to someone who needed a friend. She made the world a better place for all who came in contact with her.


Valerie loved spending time with her family, especially her nieces and nephews. She would take any opportunity to get to know them one on one. If you were to ask each of them they would each tell you that they were her favorite. Valerie loved to play with the little ones. Every time she was with them she would put them on her knee and sing pony girl or pony boy. They loved it. She treated them all with so much love and respect. She was never able to have a family of her own, but really took in those children around her and showed them love and acceptance. She would never want any child to go without or have to suffer any undue difficulties.


Marilyn Jackman


Marilyn Webb Jackman returned to her Heavenly Father June 20th 2013 in a boating accident at Lake Powell, her favorite place on earth. Beloved wife, mother grandmother and friend.  She was happiest when surrounded by her family and friends. Her life was defined by selfless service of others, a love of the Savior, and Christ-like charity that made everyone who knew her feel special. Service of others was a lifelong passion that came naturally to her. She loved attending the temple several times a week. This service was centered on her love of Christ that influenced all she did.  Marilyn was constantly striving to live a more Christ like life. She truly was a window to his love.  In no aspect of her life was this more apparent than the service she performed for others. She was constantly looking for opportunities to lift and share the burdens of those around her. She was never too busy to lend a listening ear or a shoulder to cry on. She had the rare ability to see what others needed and be able to provide this to them in a way that they could accept it.  Marilyn had a quiet strength that was motivating to all who knew her.  Her ability to do hard things with a contagious positivity made her memorable to all who knew her. To know her was to love her. 


Marilyn had an unconditional love for all children.  This was evident any time she came in contact with children. She could not see a baby without wanting to hold it. She would constantly keep the candy stocked for her grandchildren, and all neighborhood children that would stop by frequently.  As happy as this would make them it would not come close to the happiness that it brought her.  She was moved by the pure love that children in her life truly brought her. Indeed this was reflected in her childlike outlook on life that she possessed. She was a big kid at heart with childlike innocence that naturally drew children to her. For her no sacrifice was too big to ensure that the children in her life had what they needed.  We hope that her legacy of love can continue on through the Rae of Light foundation.  She would truly be proud to be a part of the effort to help children in need.  



Jessica Jackman


Jessica Allison Jackman went hand-in-hand with her mom on June 20th 2013 while on vacation with family at Lake Powell. In her words, "It truly is Heaven on earth". She made a lasting positive impression on anyone she met. Although her body was limited physically, she was a spiritual giant who was an example in overcoming adversity and obstacles with an unconquerable positive attitude. Now free from her physical limitation, she can finally skip, dance, and jump for joy while she awaits her perfect body. She never let her handicaps define who she was or get in the way of accomplishing her goals. She was an amazing example of staying focused on the important things in life.  She left an unforgettable impression on all who knew her, or knew her story. Despite her dependence on others Jess was constantly in the service of others.  From cheering up family and friends with her contagious laugh, to going on a service mission for the LDS church. She uplifted all that she came in contact with.  One of the most impactful characteristics she possessed was her unwavering faith and testimony of Jesus Christ. She is a living testament of Christ’s love for all of us.


Although being a spiritual giant, she was constrained by a small physical stature.  As a result she gravitated towards babies. She loved the fact that they were small enough for her to hold in her arms. Despite never having children of her own, she unofficially adopted her nieces and nephews loving them as her own.  She would go as far as to pay for her nieces and nephews to fly in and visit for the holidays.  Her life was truly incomplete without her relationships to the children in her life. Anyone one that knows her is sure that she is smiling down knowing that she is still helping others through the efforts of the Rae of Light Foundation, especially children in need.


Their Spirits Live On


These three beautiful women loved to help others and look for ways to serve those in need. In order to keep their spirits close by and to continue their legacy of service we have created this charity to remember and honor them by serving those around us.


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